Monday, August 2, 2010


I wish I could show you some of the things I have been working on but a lot of these are alas, secret projects! :3 Some stuff for my home-con of Rainfurrest and some stuff for our upcoming Chair election! Super stoked about that, I hope our project goes off without a hitch!

Mmmm more stuff... Drew some stuff while watching Firefly and chillin with my Crush :D Sooooo you'll get to see that right... here
D'aww playing ball. I will catch him and tackle him and rawr... *blush* Enough of that...

Mmmm more stuff? I dunno. Spent the last couple days working out stuff I'm about to start posting here... Webcomic stuff. If enough interest is shown I'll maybe even more if over to it's own site (cause I'm awesome like that)

I'm still working REALLY hard on getting us to Rainfurrest this year. I don't have a dealer's den table so I would only be going to satisfy my con needs for a year and I think I will suffer some SERIOUS depression if I don't make it but I will do my damndest to get there. Do my damndest to make some sales and just PUSH PUSH PUSH for this con. I want to go, I NEED to go. I love you RF! I might even make my car make the trip one last time.. who knows.

Enso's Doorhanger

So I got the payment for Enso's commissions and am pushing through with those. I didn't realize how close the deadline was! YIPES! I gotta get this one done for him! Wish me luck guys!

Now back to work!

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  1. Its coming along great rharzles!
    I like watching art come to life!
    I hope it isn't toooo last minute for you :/