Sunday, August 22, 2010


Finally back from my hiatus from the internet. I will admit that it didn't feel as long as it probably was. Is that silly. :3 I enjoyed my face time and working on some real media stuff in my sketchbooks. (Going to take those for another scanning soon!)

My computer problem is still standing. Still using the loaner computer from Trapa and Loial. Worth it yes, but it sucks not having my own computer, my own digital space as it were. I think I might pick up a External HDD on my next commission drive. I still have lots to finish. The list is never ending ><;; Seriously. Aside from that, in new positions with new people, trying new things and making the best of "bad times" and keeping up with my "Good times" Yesterday I went to Kareoke for the first time and OMG it was SO MUCH FUN. My friend Fawn and I closed out the night singing "I will survive". I also pulled off a credible, "American Pie" and "Honey Honey" >>;; I don't love music from the 70s... not at all. We'll see what I pull off next week. Yeah, I'm going back! WHOO!

And today, I went bowling. It was a blast. :3 I won the second game. We shoulda played a third game but I was pretty beat. I won the second game! yay me! But I have a feeling the boys were throwing it for me (yay!)

And now I'm just chilling at home, catching up on the internets I've missed these past two weeks. Any news I should be caught up on? :D

Oh, and here's what you came for! Arts!

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