Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OMG No internets!

Sorry about all this guys. I wasn't expecting to be without the internet for so long but hopefully it'll be back on friday. I'm looking into other options for my internet provider, but we'll have to see how that goes. :D

Right now I'm with Shaw Telecommunications I pay $131/month for phone, internet and cable.
If I went with Roger's I'd be on a 3 year contract for at least $100/month, for mobile internet + a mini-notebook. Seeing as how I NEED a new computer anyways, and having a laptop would be nice, I have considered it as an option. But in that case, I would cancel my internet/phone with shaw and go with a mobile phone and mobile internet w/Roger's and keep my Shaw cable.

I don't know what do you think internets?


ps. Taursday will be back to it's regular schedule starting the thursday after I get my internets back. :D will even have a full page comic or two for you! :D


  1. Have you considered dropping your Shaw account to just internet, and skipping their phone and TV service? Or even just dropping the phone and lowering your internet access and TV service tiers? $131 seems pretty high, I have a hard time believing that the bundle price can't be dropped to below $100.

  2. @natashasoftpaw The reason I'll looking so much into switching is because I don't really want to be tied down at home anymore for my internet use. I don't want to get a i-system but for mobile access but they seem to be the standard.

    I probably could get the price dropped but at the same time, I don't want to be tied to my house. Rogers(At&t) seems to have the most liberal access for the best price >>;

  3. Sugah, that ish is a TRAP.

    Never get tethered to an ISP for 0.3 decades. Not even for a netbook. The netbook they'll give you likely sucks for what you'd pay for it over time. On top of that, ETFs are lovely if you ever try to leave them for any reason ("they suck" is good enough for me).