Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Drive in!

You'll never guess where we went last night! Haha okay, I guess since it's in the title and all. :3 Last night I took my crush to the drive-in. He'd never been and it's a summer tradition for me to go so one thing led to another and we went. It was a triple feature (whoo!) and so so worth it!

They showed "Despicable Me" which was just cutesy adorable! I loved it, and the squishy little yellow guys just were like the icing on the cake. Anyone familiar with, and especially those who liked Raving Rabbids will definately draw a parallel between them. Just something about them made me want to squish em and hug em. (If anyone finds me a plushie of them, there will be much artings! E-mail me!)

After that came "Inception" which made me really REALLY think. Even though I was like falling asleep during the last half, it was still a good movie, I would like to see it again and catch the parts I missed. (oops!) It was good, thought provoking and made you go, "huh?" a bunch of times. It's one of those movies where everything is important. SYMBOLISM IS EVRYTHING.

And after that was Iron Man 2 (which I have to admit, I wasn't all that interested in...) I actually fell asleep about 2/3 of the way in and missed out on a lot. It was pretty good though and I think my Crush was more excited about that one than any of the others. I feel kinda bad for falling asleep during it (but it was 2am! What do you expect of a single mom!)

Otherwise it was a good day, and cute art came out of it! :D I'm a happy fox.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Stuff Im werkin on

I got a whole crapload done last night and today on arts for the world and I figured I'd share some of these sketches with you. :D I assure you they are full of the awesome and not of the sap of my earlier post. Heh. I'm so silly sometimes.

Door hanger for Enso
I'm also doing a badge for him later. He's preforming at Condition: Zero Hour A furry con up here in Ontario.
And then I was workin on drawin peoples. >>;; Watching True Blood. It's like one of my favorite shows. I like Bill's picture there. I dunno why, I just dooooo. :3

I coulda swore I had more to upload today, but I'm saving the comics for Taursdays. Going to be awesome stuffs.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shy for Sharing.

I just finished this up and felt like sharing. :3 I know he'll never feel the same way I do about him, but I gotta share and get these feelings out. This is from my sketchbook, which I scanned today at Mum's. It's awesomes! (at least in my opinion!)

I'm such a huge sap.

Another Day, Another Doodle

Spent most of yesterday cooped up at home. Not that I'm complaining, it was 30C outside and that's just toooooo hot for this Dox. :3 Got some tidying up done around the house, ran the dishwasher, overall did a good mommy day. :D

And people showed up! That was awesome. I've been feeling kind of neglected by my local friends and I don't know why. I mean they've been around but I feel like out conversations have only been surface talk, haven't really been getting into the stuff that "matters" you know? Maybe it's just me, who knows?

On the subject of art, Trapa, Loial and Rex are still diligently working on trying to get my hard drive running :/ When my computer died apparently it was because of that hard drive, which unfortunately hasn't been backed up since like August of 2009 (or 2008, I can't remember D: ) And it has ALL of my work on it. Everything I've done for the past 5 years, all my daughter's baby photos, everything. If it comes down to it I might just shell out the $300 to get it all profesionally recovered. :3 Yays.

Anyways, hope today finds you well! Enjoy the art!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Sketches

So because I haven't been keeping strictly to furry art and have been wanting to branch out, I've decided to start art blogging. I'm just tired of being restricted to Deviantart or Furaffinity for my art and wanted something new. (Besides, last time I used Deviantart, I got a virus! Bad Deviantart!)

I'll be posting more art as it comes up but for now, you get a couple spunky sketches!