Friday, October 29, 2010

Rhari Art!

A little while ago i posted the "hanging pics" well heres them in action

 ^ Ryal ^

 ^ Rhari ^
^ Mr. Meerkat ^
^ All ^

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No arts yet!

well... ever since i got this new computer... i have been too busy (FarmVilling) I havent gotten around to re-installing my programs... my Tablet is hooked up, but i have no programs exept for MS paint...


heres my current Wallpaper... just Cuz i can :p

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seperated from the Herd.

Poor Rhari. She's legal but it's ALWAYS scary being separated from your friends... Will they let her in or will she upset the "balance" of the bar. D:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This'll be easy enough.. right?

The girls are ready to party, but first they must defeat the Guardians of the Bar door.... well... not defeat, but at least have two peices of photo ID xD

Saturday, October 9, 2010

To the Bar!!

Another Taursday post. Sorry about being so inconsistent lately. I've been pretty busy here around the house. Here's a continuation on "Girl's night out"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"It's that time of year..."

"When the world falls in love"

With thanksgiving on the way and winter on it's way I'm getting more and more excited about the prospects of christmas MY way. No other influence telling me, "No, you can't play christmas music" "No, I don't want a tree" "No, you can't do santa clause" :D I'm my own person this season and I'm getting myself TOTALLY hyped up about it. :3

I can't wait for snow, and glad tidings, jingle bells and horses drawing sledges. I'm SO excited! Even though Halloween comes first, I want to skip it this year and jump right into december! :D

Here's some cute art while I bounce from excitedness.

I can't wait to go up to the ski house and relax by the fireside with a good book. And if anyone wants to get me a birthday present this year, send me your favorite book :D E-mail me and I'll give you my mailing address. <3 Season's Greetings xD


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Something to Post!

Finally, I have something to post about! I recently finished working on some artwork for my friend Kamatz! :D He commissioned something of her?self and a friend and I didn't quite know the exact nature of the relationship so I went with something cute and fun! :D I hope you guys like, I know I really enjoyed putting this together!

Aside from my wintery stuff (I'm getting super stoked about Christmas, but more on that later) I've also done a couple gift badges for two "taur-iffic" friends. They were really there for me when my boyfriend and I broke up. Soooo here's the artwork.


These were a lot of fun to do. I didn't realize I missed making badges. lol We also missed 24-hour Comic day but I think I have a plan for next year. It involves the ski-house, artists and their partners. It'll be fantastic!! :D

Mucho loves!