Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A preview

I've been working on something for the last two days (and probably will most of tonight) It's coming together REALLY awesome and I wanted to share a bit while I'm working on it. This isn't even a 1/4 of the whole piece. I think you'll be impressed when I post it. I'm super pleased with it so far.

Happening too Frequently

My little monster seems to be getting into EVERYTHING lately. These are NOT the only things she's broken, just the more important things. The list includes make-up, deodorant, candles, bowls, plates, garbage bins, fish tanks... things like that. Oh Monster, what am I going to do with you.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Update from the Panda!

Ok, so I was just at Rhari's house and as you all know she is an awesome artist!
anyways she drew a few awesome drawings for me/ her/ her crush and i was sent to scan them... so since I currently have control of said drawings I am going to post them here(mwahahahaha!)!! anyways, its midnight im going to bed so here they are:
So these things look like your picking 'em up when you hold them right!

Theres me, Looking all happy!

And Rhari (shes upside down, Sorry!)

A few speech bubbles to go with mine(excluding "Zzz...")

And Rhari's Crush (also upside down) who is sleeping! (the"Zzz..." goes with him)

Thats what Rhari and I were up to today...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Hi!

Hey guys! I’m Panda Blair

As you probably guessed, I’m a Panda Bear (get it? Panda Blair is like Panda Bear... oh never mind)

Just saying hi to everybody here, I will be posting, alongside Rhari, Not as regularly as Rhari but still, I will be here. I'm thinking that I will be doing some kind of weekend comic thing... but I’m not sure... I would need a name for it though, so that I will need help with (leave comments with some comic names below!)

Anyways, yes, I will be here so you may see me around a bit. I will not be posting everyday like Rhari but I am still here posting whenever I feel like it.

Just so you have a visual reference, this is me, being all cute and stuff :)

Traditional Work

I'm going to be uploading a lot of my traditional stuff coming up soon :D I'm getting my sketchbooks scanned from a friend of mine and while they won't be COMPLETELY uploaded to the internet I will be putting together a CD/DvD of the media for purchase likely at the next couple cons :D There are some great things in there, like comic previews and Portfolio sketches, just all around awesome thnings.

On a Blog worthy note, I've added my little brother Panda-Blair as a contributor so he can upload his art to the internets. :D He's super awesome and a great guy!

One of the color works I've done in my 2010(2) Sketchbook. :D I love the way the marker and crayon worked together. Just freaking awesome.

Moxie doesn't know if she can trust Gadrie. Her heart is so fragile right now. His smile makes her melt, but it is also a point of pain because she knows he will never return the same feelings for her. My sketchbooks are the window to my soul.
I was reallllly feeling it one day and was reminded that I was not the person he wants to be with. You can see why Moxie is wary. Gadrie cares much more for Caoimhe than he will ever admit or express in that same way for Moxie.

Okay... enough introspection... this is getting almost too deep. Sorry guys.

After all the things you put me through,
tell me why I'm still in love with you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hopefully not two of everything...

Diet pop is my worst enemy when it comes to making foxtaurs gassy. You've been warned!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Arts!

Hey guys!

So I wanted to do some work and I need your help :D This is just something I'm offering on my blog (and by promotion, Twitter).

What I need from you:
A photo of yourself
A reference of your fursona.

What I will be doing?
A three part comparison, where I will draw you as a people, in my style, and then draw your fursona alongside it and then post Photo, Portrait, Fursona and it'll be awesome.

I need to work more on my figure/face drawing. :3 I'm getting better but having actual subjects to work with would be helpful. I know I still have commissions but I wanna get some of this practice. I'm a silly Fox.

OH I will not be taking ALL of the requests offered here. Please leave me a way to get in contact with you if I choose you. Twitter, FA, E-mail. :3

Thanks guys, hope you're well!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Finally back from my hiatus from the internet. I will admit that it didn't feel as long as it probably was. Is that silly. :3 I enjoyed my face time and working on some real media stuff in my sketchbooks. (Going to take those for another scanning soon!)

My computer problem is still standing. Still using the loaner computer from Trapa and Loial. Worth it yes, but it sucks not having my own computer, my own digital space as it were. I think I might pick up a External HDD on my next commission drive. I still have lots to finish. The list is never ending ><;; Seriously. Aside from that, in new positions with new people, trying new things and making the best of "bad times" and keeping up with my "Good times" Yesterday I went to Kareoke for the first time and OMG it was SO MUCH FUN. My friend Fawn and I closed out the night singing "I will survive". I also pulled off a credible, "American Pie" and "Honey Honey" >>;; I don't love music from the 70s... not at all. We'll see what I pull off next week. Yeah, I'm going back! WHOO!

And today, I went bowling. It was a blast. :3 I won the second game. We shoulda played a third game but I was pretty beat. I won the second game! yay me! But I have a feeling the boys were throwing it for me (yay!)

And now I'm just chilling at home, catching up on the internets I've missed these past two weeks. Any news I should be caught up on? :D

Oh, and here's what you came for! Arts!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OMG No internets!

Sorry about all this guys. I wasn't expecting to be without the internet for so long but hopefully it'll be back on friday. I'm looking into other options for my internet provider, but we'll have to see how that goes. :D

Right now I'm with Shaw Telecommunications I pay $131/month for phone, internet and cable.
If I went with Roger's I'd be on a 3 year contract for at least $100/month, for mobile internet + a mini-notebook. Seeing as how I NEED a new computer anyways, and having a laptop would be nice, I have considered it as an option. But in that case, I would cancel my internet/phone with shaw and go with a mobile phone and mobile internet w/Roger's and keep my Shaw cable.

I don't know what do you think internets?


ps. Taursday will be back to it's regular schedule starting the thursday after I get my internets back. :D will even have a full page comic or two for you! :D

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Going to be posting my new comic: Taursdays here on Thursdays! And for our first comic:
"Toilet Humor"

Toilet humor... I'm horrible!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Got lots of done in the last day. Finished the comic for tomorrow, finished a commission for Cloakable, and I think I finished something else but I can't remember... Let's see what I has to upload hm....

This was a blast. She just came out so awesome!

And because she's a close friend of my good friend Foxbrush, and we were all chatting on skype I doodled up something else. Mwahahaha, I'm awesome.

This was just too cute. I liked the negative space :3

And that's about it for today! But I'll have a comic update for everyone tomorrow!! :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Got stuff done today.

So today I got more work done on "Taursdays" which I'll be uploading this thursday! Whee! And I finished up a couple commissions, and some personal stuff. I've been busy.

So first off, the finished pieces for Enso turned out SUPER COOL.

I really enjoy doing doorhangers, they're fun!

And the badge I did for him as well!

These might get posted to FA evenutally, we'll see but for now they will live here. Yay me!

Still working on Rainfurrest stuff and Sekret projects!

I don't want to forget this.

I Don't Believe in Love - Josiah Leming

Just because you're with me
Doesn't mean I'm not alone.
And just because I love you,
Doesn't mean I will tomorrow.
Cause even when you kiss me
My heart never lets me let go.
Oh it never lets me let go

And if tomorrows on your mind,
Well baby, push it out, its not on mine.

I don't believe in love now baby,
I don't believe in anything at all,
Except the love that we are making,
The only thing Ive ever known
I don't believe in it, but if I did,
Baby you'd be the one.
Baby you'd be the one.

Just because I will not lie,
Doesn't take away my strong desire
Show me all the places,
All your other men could never find.
And if you start to see these things
In the realm of possibility.
And baby let me take my time tonight, tonight.

And if tomorrow never breaks,
Well baby don't you cry,
Its more than I can take.

I don't believe in love now baby,
I don't believe in anything at all,
Except the love that we are making,
The only thing Ive ever known
I don't believe in it, but if I did,
Baby you'd be the one.
Baby you'd be the one.

I'm such a sap

Monday, August 2, 2010


I wish I could show you some of the things I have been working on but a lot of these are alas, secret projects! :3 Some stuff for my home-con of Rainfurrest and some stuff for our upcoming Chair election! Super stoked about that, I hope our project goes off without a hitch!

Mmmm more stuff... Drew some stuff while watching Firefly and chillin with my Crush :D Sooooo you'll get to see that right... here
D'aww playing ball. I will catch him and tackle him and rawr... *blush* Enough of that...

Mmmm more stuff? I dunno. Spent the last couple days working out stuff I'm about to start posting here... Webcomic stuff. If enough interest is shown I'll maybe even more if over to it's own site (cause I'm awesome like that)

I'm still working REALLY hard on getting us to Rainfurrest this year. I don't have a dealer's den table so I would only be going to satisfy my con needs for a year and I think I will suffer some SERIOUS depression if I don't make it but I will do my damndest to get there. Do my damndest to make some sales and just PUSH PUSH PUSH for this con. I want to go, I NEED to go. I love you RF! I might even make my car make the trip one last time.. who knows.

Enso's Doorhanger

So I got the payment for Enso's commissions and am pushing through with those. I didn't realize how close the deadline was! YIPES! I gotta get this one done for him! Wish me luck guys!

Now back to work!