Friday, July 30, 2010

Stuff Im werkin on

I got a whole crapload done last night and today on arts for the world and I figured I'd share some of these sketches with you. :D I assure you they are full of the awesome and not of the sap of my earlier post. Heh. I'm so silly sometimes.

Door hanger for Enso
I'm also doing a badge for him later. He's preforming at Condition: Zero Hour A furry con up here in Ontario.
And then I was workin on drawin peoples. >>;; Watching True Blood. It's like one of my favorite shows. I like Bill's picture there. I dunno why, I just dooooo. :3

I coulda swore I had more to upload today, but I'm saving the comics for Taursdays. Going to be awesome stuffs.

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