Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What starts with a "F" and ends in "uck"?

FIRETRUCK! You silly people! (I know, bad joke LMAO)

So this week my mom asked me to help out in her classroom, she had a project for me. And it all started with a fridge box.

That's my Daughter there.

So we started by securing the sides, front and back so that the box would stand on it's own, and then proceeded to cut out the roof, the back roof and the "windshield." We "childproofed" the rough cardboard edges by lining them in duct tape, to prevent the kids from potentially cutting themselves on the rough edges.

The original plan, and why I of all people was brought on was because we were supposed to PAINT the box. By my mother had a brilliant plan and since we'd started around 5pm and it was already nearing 7 (Where did the time go? No one knows!) We decided to paper it instead :D

I don't have any of the in progress photos of this part so here's a cute pic of my kid, dressed up for Safety week!
And finally, around 8pm our masterpiece was done and we returned home. BUT NOT BEFORE I GOT MORE PICS :D

I know, I know not entirely real, but it's MY firetruck and it's awesome.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. your an awesome mom rhari :3 -your collie from the states

  2. Holy crud who lets the monster have an axe?! O_O' *flees in abstract terror*

    Drake the Sheep