Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome Back Ryal!

I know, I know! you're all sitting there wondering "What ever happened to Ryal?!" Well... Nothing... nothing happened... im right here...

I know its been a while since i posted anything here... so im going to update you! I've been too busy with school and homework and friends and stuff...

but anyways im here to say that I have been assigned a project at school, im given till September next year to do ANY project of my choice... and i have decided to build a house (just the model of one!). I will be posting updates here, at least once a week, of my progress and my troubles. This is going to be alot of fun, and hard work so im asking for your support to guide me through this all.... Anyways, i will be starting next week and i will update you then :D

Another great thing, sort of, is i have the opportunity to go to Costa Rica next year. You're problem thinking "well, how is that only  'sort of' a great thing?'"... Well here is the catch... I have to raise $2500 in less then 13 months. I have no idea how im going to pull this off... but if you have any suggestions (or donations :D) please comment below!

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